This is how I live my life.

The characters above translate to mean, “True victory is victory over oneself.”

I have never been competitive in the normal sense of the word. I have never tried to be, nor even had the desire to be, the best guitarist in the world. Nor the best runner, artist, songwriter or anything else. I know when I have done well with something, and it matters not if another has done or could do it better or worse, if I know that I am doing the utmost that I can, and continually improving myself, then I know that I am being the most true form of me that I can be. And I have no desire to be anything else.

The Death Sonnets ~ Number Three

Of the time that pass beyond me and you’ll
Never know the way that I have wanted
To believe, in times that I have cried red,
That the way to make amends is so cruel

Decay betrays fateful winds that blow cool
Life divided and it fills me with dread
Hidden meaning in the words we have said
In thy blood red honor, death I will rule

How can my soul ever show me the way,
That I never knew until now was mine?
Death comes for you at the end of the day
Death comes for me in the time of glory
Know this now my soul to you I consign
In the storm I want to rise if I may

The Death Sonnets ~ Number Two

I will defy all that I can find to
And the fallen, dying, ashen wasteland
Soaked in blood and tears and pain by my hand
At my feet are all that I have run through

I will find time if it’s all I can do
Come to me unnamed and fall where I stand
Follow on and yet deny your demand
Of the pestilent seeds from which it grew

Leave me now and leave my spirit sublime
All the lost time is flowing in my blood
Near to thee you find that death’s toll doth chime
The blackest rose will always bloom in death
You’ll forever be drowning in the flood
And you’ll be lost and rot all of the time

The Death Sonnets ~ Number One

If I may find a time to be within
And I want to know how to be always
In the forefront of the longest of days
In my time of dying I will begin

Innocent tears always flow down my skin
In my soul and heart and now it decays
Left to fall within all that I appraise
Light and darkness ever to my chagrin

If there was a way to wonder then I
Have no mercy for those that I defeat
Need to find another day to decry
Victory awaits your dying passion
Thoughts are lost and until now incomplete
If I persist in this I will defy