All That Remains

In the fading light of day
All alone out here I lay
All the lights went out and I
Felt my soul pass me by

A chance encounter with
That rusty, bloody steel
Across my neck and through skin
My body here concealed

Clots of my own blood
Dried upon my bloated neck
Pieces of decaying flesh
Liquefied and grotesque

A rotting husk of what
I once could have been
What I would do with what I know
If I could live again

I fade away
Like the light of day
Ashes to ashes and
Dust to dust

I dare not try
To live again
I stay alone out here
Because I must

All that remains
Of my tattered mind and soul
I bequeath unto you now
All that I remain

And I remain –
Forever yours

February 20, 2763 AUC

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