The black of night hangs in the air
Though night itself is unaware
Encroaching lights that take away
The darkness and replace with day

Through the night indigo lights rise
In shards that seek to pierce the skies
The sun’s light shone upon the west
As morning lays the night to rest

A crystal dew shines in the dawn
Shadows lose hold and night is gone
Burgundy lost in eastern sky
A blue replacement of the night

Shimmering silver morning fog
In league with natures apologue
It dissipates and slips away
This price the morning pays the day

Light spills over the horizon
Across the land, life’s in motion
Cerulean elucidates
And now the day illuminates

A vast arc upon which the sun
Will travel as days deeds are done
The yellow glare that feeds the lives
And all the change for which it strives

Cyanic waters wash the shore
The ocean’s life and ancestor
From out of which this all has come
Through which refracts life’s full spectrum

Virid forests on mountains high
The wind runs through in whispered sigh
The same wind rushes through the fields
The amber waves to it do yield

Illuminations perspective
As we perceive each causative
The light shows all, each in it’s way
Deep black, pure white and shades of gray

The water’s blue, the mountain’s green
Through atmospheric opaline
The shades of change and every hue
In it’s time comes each one anew

The sun now from it’s zenith shines
Across this land, and many lines
And ways of life, strive to transcend
Water to land to air ascend

But now we see it lose it’s height
And now the day must yield to night
For time shall pass, and this too so
And in the west it travels low

The same light from the dawn returns
Across the land it’s orange burns
The sunset returns with the tide
The sunset, nighttimes curious bride

Into the twilight, sterling stars
Each fight to reach out from afar
Their dim light fights that of the sun
And slowly, faintly shows each one

Though something different on this eve
Throughout the darkness we perceive
Something evil in nights confines
Into this veil the world declines…




The coming dusk, like early dawn
The latter cleansed, the former spawned
A secret little nighttime horde
Of creatures that seem untoward

And it is, to be quite certain
Coming out at closing curtain
Now this shall be, though none may know
A night of evil, all will sow

In sunsets red, a shade of black
As daytime slowly turns it’s back
On evil things it will not see
And many things will cease to be

And enter through this, nighttimes door
Inside to bleed the scarlet whore
The sky refracts it’s crimson shade
And two reds into blackness fade

She-the start of deaths own due
And on the air a burning blue
A fiery, seething, raping wind
Has been unleashed undisciplined

Horrific spirals in the night
Sent out to seek our lives to fight
And pushing forth to find each one
Cannot be sought, oblivion

As azure tones fade from the skies
The children watch, their mother dies
The loss of all which they held dear
And blackness now transgressing clear

In the sky twin black moons rising
Underneath, the bodies writhing
In twisting, rending agony
Living to die, this nights decree

And once these black moons both shall rise
Then we shall hear the piercing cries
Of victims of this one night plague
Who burn beneath this nighttime flag

Within their bones, their minds corrode
And from their flesh the skin erodes
This searing mental variegation
To stake a vicious instigation

Alabaster bones in the black
And knives plunged deep into their backs
The glinting steel reflects the fire
This body thrown on saffron pyre

Across the land the sleeping wake
And fire alights the boiling lake
This burning water lights the way
Grotesque night mockery of day

This fire spreads into the hills
Yet in the air a numbing chill
And in the fields a rising fog
To punctuate deaths monologue

The waves in sheets of leaden gray
Aggress the shore and slip away
Seas turn to blood, black mixed with red
Encroach the land to bathe the dead

This truth from deep within the lie
As every single thing will die
In flaming, tearing, vicious grins
Out of the thunder, in the skins

The flower wants to only live
It’s life will also have to give
Upon this garish bronze nocturne
And join the others in the urn

Circumstance extenuation
Raze across the broken nations
Burning gardens alight the way
The path we seek, the toll we pay

We, yes, the monsters in the night
The monsters which we could not fight
We bring to end our sullen lives
One last mistake in our archives

And this with very little need
Of help from fear of our own plead
We lay to rest the maidenhead
And now our very souls are dead

And waste away this final night
To never again see the light
And each and every living thing
Will meet it’s end and be dieing

And at the end the lives of all
Into the infinite shall fall
And when graves with our souls are filled
Then death itself be also killed

And finally waves wash away
Our last remains, in rhythmic sway
Again the sun will rise to see
A barren land, lost legacy

Without this all else carries on
And will not note the fact we’re gone
Exiguous loss meaningless
Limited peace of limitless

May 27, 2754 AUC

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