Darkness and Silence

Darkness falls and silence follows
Like another rainy day
I just can’t stop walking
And I’ve got to make my way

It’s like a book I can’t put down
But I don’t wanna know how it ends
I cannot face the truth
And I cannot pretend

That while
Time screams silent verses
And curses
That . . .

There’s a darkness in the sky
And there’s a glimmer in the night
But there’s a blackness in my eye
And there’s a silence in my heart

I hear these noises in the street
I see lightning in the sky
And I’m walking countless miles
And I’ll keep walking

I gotta keep walking
Because . . .

I can see the darkness
I can hear the silence
I can feel the empty . . .
The empty feelings never filled
Never fulfilled

And there’s no hand to hold
Not that I have ever found
And there’s no truth that’s told
To which I won’t be bound
And would you hold my hand?
If I show you where I am?
Would you believe we can?
And let me help you stand?

If there’s another way I’ve never found it
But I see it all around me
Just not for me

And I don’t know why I’ve never
Let myself be free
Could someone tell me?
Could you please tell me?

2763 AUC

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