The Blood of the Guitar

The blood of the guitar
It falls into my hand
The sound of distant harmony
It drifts across the land

Notes ring out and reach to you
And fall on you like rain
My song it speaks into your heart
A melody enchained

The sound of my guitar
It penetrates the night
A sound that may disfigure Hell
Bring blackness to the light

The words of my last song they will
Resound within your thoughts
Inside this tangled web you are
Inelegantly caught

It reaches through your soul
It travels in your mind
My music and your life are now
Forever intertwined

The blood of the guitar
The blood that is my life
The blood that runs so warm and red
From the tip of the knife

Your blood runs cold as I
Create a melody
It claws and tears and rips at you
Musical atrophy

My blood begins to boil
A bell begins to sound
The beginning of the end begins
My heart begins to pound

The blood of the guitar
It drips
And echoes in my head…

The song that’s in my soul
Unspoken and unread…

The clock upon the wall
It ticks
And time remains ahead…

The blood of the guitar…

Is red…

November 14, 2755 AUC

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