The Slate

Quite heavy my heart
As I sit to write
The sun travels low
Into the dark night

This story at last
To light shall be brought
And then you shall know
For you shall be taught

Pay heed now as I
Recount this last tale
Though their deeds be known
They shall not bewail

So long ago now
It seems as a dream
The way it began
Was not as it seemed

Beginnings unknown
And stories untold
I give to you now
That you may behold

Once upon a time
As all stories go
A journey began
That none should then know

This journey was not
Of traveling kind
But whence it came forth
From deep in the mind

A mind not unsound
Though not of the same
That could not prevent
The things that forth came

In silence infused
And slowly brought in
To these unreal thoughts
Hence it’s origin

The twofold path bends
Along through the way
To be traveled both
In night and at day

It leads everywhere
And nowhere at all
It stays in one place
And moves with the thrall

I’ll take you along
You’ll watch it unfold
You may stare in trance
Or lightly behold

Leave now if you wish
Read on if you will
The text shall remain
Of this tale of nil

Not here and not there
Nor one or other
Will be none the less
There be another

You may come or go
You may stay or leave
Not one among us
Shall move to retrieve

So please now read on
And open your soul
And cleanse your false thoughts
And fall through the hole

Your with us I see
And we shall proceed
Recounting the times
Retelling the deeds

. . . . . . .

The blank slate of new
Is likened to this
No way to perceive
Of analysis

Instinct seclusion
A perception of
Matter illusion

The mind it beheld
The way that things are
Though this erudition
Has traveled not far

But this mind was not
(As mentioned before)
Of the type of thought
Of which to be sure

Perceptions were so
Far deepened within
Over and over
Once over again

And once truth began
To filter through it
In deepest recess
To rot in the pit

As truth atrophied
The mind would still grow
To communicate
The truth it could know

Of tales of the days
Lost so far before
Of gods and devils
Of legends and lore

These false tales did tell
And one then believed
The story unfold
For all to perceive

Contemptible were
These foundations lain
The souls that were slain

Processes went on
And this mind become
Subjected to some

Information then
Went on to be known
Destruction too
Went on to be sown

The mind that beheld
Such withering thoughts
Was blackened that day
In it’s own onslaught

Then out of these thoughts
It suddenly came
The dreams were made real
Then time overcame

. . . . . . .

The dew of the dawn
Was heavy that day
Departing at once
They went on their way

Unto the high hills
Their travels did wend
What sought they knew not
Nor whence it would end

Into the forests
And through the tall trees
Still questioning if
Their minds would appease

The afternoon sun
Beat down ever hot
Reminding them that
Their souls may still rot

And water they slaked
And food they’d consume
And rest for a spell
Then journey resume

The afternoon waned
Destination neared
Was peaking their fear

Though traveling on
They continued now
To seek the unsought
Though they knew not how

And afternoon wore
On into the eve
The first stars shone through
And onward they’d cleave

. . . . . . .

He looked to the sky
The night would come soon
Then they would arrive
There under the moon

And what would he then
Say to these lost souls
Whose only device
Was loss of control

The sky turned to black
And he to the flames
More fuel on the fire
Prepare for the games

. . . . . . .

The smoke soon obscured
Their vision of stars
As they were aware
Of how close they are

Not much farther now
Than over next hill
Then all would be made
As one with their will

So much time to wait
To meet with the one
And fruit of their pains
Was finally done

. . . . . . .

The sound of their steps
Now rang in his ear
The intention they held
Amazingly clear

The game they would play
Now fully prepared
He drew in one last
Deep breath of the air

The knowledge they lack
Would bind their intent
If they should in fact
Choose not to relent

He felt then he saw
They came into view
In them as in him
The minds residue

. . . . . . .

Then eye to eye they
And he came at last
They stood face to face
And time slowly passed

The smoke from behind
Move to engulf him
Their vision obscured
By his merest whim

Quite suddenly then
The world was clear
Then they looked again
As he disappeared

In disbelief they
Stared as thereupon
He was shortly back
And once again gone

In grave disbelief
They stood and they stared
Then they too dispersed
Like movement of air

Lost in time and space
They’d not comprehend
Nor were to be shown
Their minds he did bend

The first he approached
And spoke with a grin
“You are one of two
We shall speak again”

Three minutes they stared
Then three minutes more
The inquisitor watched
Him walk through a door

And then one by one
To each he did go
False visions to them
He certainly showed

The sights they beheld
Of rain or of fire
Of pleasure or pain
Each saw their desire

And they all at last
Became mesmerized
And sent on their way
With haze in their eyes

They returned to whence
Their journey began
They quietly walked
Minds in stygian

They would not recall
This lost night of naught
Nor would they believe
What they had begot

And then to the last
He finally came
The others now gone
And out of the game

The first and the last
Did solely remain
As one and as two
With him in disdain

Where there stood just one
Had now become two
As three more disperse
You alone with you

(Dear reader I see
You shaking your head
But read on to see
Upon what you tread)

(Yes you too are part
Of this narrative
For as you read on
This story you live)

He showed this last one
A glimpse from within
A picture of truth
With an evil grin

“What is this,” they asked
“And tell how you knew”
Then came the response
“My friends, I am you”
“You’ve traveled so far
And still cannot see
You’ve lived now for years
And refuse to be”

“Tell us if you will
What we need to know
To continue on
What shall we now sow”

He laughed with a smile
And came to his feet
A gleam in his eye
And without deceit

His answer he gave
A riddle perhaps
One way or other
Their minds would collapse

“Answers need questions
And questions need doubt
No doubt without truth
Truth answers without”

“As no question lies
Inside of your mind
No answer from me
Shall you ever find”

He did send them then
To return their way
And find the others
With approaching day

He one last time walked
Away from their sight
As mornings first rays
Encroached on the night

They stood quite some time
And then turned to leave
Though how to go on
They could not conceive

They walked now upon
Burnt blackened remains
Of some strange life force
Their energy drain

Returned on their way
Quite sullen and torn
Their minds filled with thoughts
Too much to be born

The others they’d find
But what should they say
Of knowledge they’d lost
Upon that black day

Knowledge they lost
But never had held
The experience
Was unparalleled

And now from your mind
Remove the last doubt
This story goes on
Goes on and without

. . . . . . .

I see everything
I see what you see
You don’t understand
That things could not be

As this came from both
Imagined and real
So it shall return
As part of this seal

This tale may not end
Although it may seem
The reckoning time
Cannot be redeemed

It’s happening now
And this tale of pain
Has happened before
Will happen again

Step out of your soul
And out of your mind
Look then far without
For what you shall find

And then may go forth
To find for oneself
The answer may be
The question itself

April 16, 2755 AUC

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