Fallen vale in which they stand
To prey upon by their own hand
They follow on into the flood
And drown upon their own spilt blood

And in their lies
Within their lives
The same as one
The same undone
The one that gives
And one that lives
Then as they rend
And in the end
The lies of trust
And flesh of dust

The blackening
And broken kings
From in this pit
The hypocrite
And unknown men
Divulge again
And tragedy
The tolling bell
The trip to Hell

The alethic
They do contrive
Which does deprive
From how they think
To indistinct
And ignorant;
In ignorance

In disgrace
Thoughts misplaced
From this the end
The fallen souls can not defend
Imaginings of reprehend
Histories forgotten opus
Parasitic, cancerous
The dissonant thoughts
Which hold the minds
From what could be taught
To what is not

The will of the overlords
Imposed on the meek
The consequential actions
The sovereign will seek
The master of puppets is but
A marionette upon the string
Controlled by the minions
To which he is king
By rote through the motions
Forgotten notions
The strain of majority
The cause of antipathy
Released from desire
And into the fire

Religious injunction
The reckoning days
The apostolic powers
Appointed to deny their praise
Furthering cause
Administer loss
As the ends of justification
To overcome by hypocrisy
They shout from the pulpit
Messages of forced beliefs
And to what they must submit
Promising the infinite
The sins by which the theist commits

And time will pass as to the end
To fallen gods their prayers they send
The sins that they will not forgive
The deaths that they shall not outlive

The edifice becomes a stain
A blight upon a lost domain
Of scourge that it can not withstand
From knowledge they misunderstand

Where are we?

Conflicting thoughts that do disgrace
And without which the mind’s erased
Mendacity will not contest
The lies to which they do attest

Now see the way in which they writhe
Believing they’ll escape scythe
Though death upon it’s day shall know
And those souls to perdition go

The blood red skies
Reflecting in their sullen eyes
The loss of their forlorn disguise
Becoming one
Becomes undone
The falling sky
The speech that lies
Listen to the desolate cries
Of hopeless fate
And that which they may decimate
The prayers of fear of the apostate
The screams of pain
Of their loss and of their chains
Writhing in their own disdain

Upon the stage
They stand enraged-
At the outrage
They seek to engage
For the loss of the forgotten age
But without the guidance of the sage
In loss of hope they turn the page

Witness the scythe that lashes out
They stand alone and lost in doubt
They seethe in pain
And through the rain
And blood
The land is razed
And judged
Alone against the crimson horizon
Watch the embers of the setting sun
As depths of darkness cross the land
The rancorous legions of deaths command
Shall call to end their final stand

Without the light
A parasite
Their lives asleep
The secrets keep
The hourglass sand
In lost command
Forgotten, changed
And disarranged
The tempt of taint
With no restraint

As one becomes
And one undoes
Create again
And then begin
Destructive lives
From which derive
A taste of hate
To satiate

And forgotten
The loss of will
Desire to kill
In disjunction
Loss of function
The blackening
Of everything
The light is gone
And time goes on

The fallen vale in which they stand
Their loss of dreams among the sand
They follow on there to transcend
Within the blackness of the end

December 19, 2753 AUC

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